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The music ministry at Thomas Road is made up of hundreds of volunteers just like you who are passionate about leading others in worship of our Savior.  The choir, orchestra, and our Virginia Christmas Spectacular production are all areas that we have for you to serve with us.

The Thomas Road Choir
At Thomas Road Baptist Church, every believer is encouraged to find an area of service…a place where one can exercise his/her gifts for the benefit of the Kingdom. The Worship Choir has become that place for people who are excited about their praise and committed to offering their best to the Lord. Here many have found community, fellowship, spiritual growth, and ministry fulfillment. In John 4 we read that God “seeks those who worship Him in spirit and in truth.” Likewise, we are searching for those who not only can sing, but whose faith is real, and whose passion for worship is contagious. If that describes you, we want to invite you to join the TRBC Worship Choir.
How do I get involved? Join us for rehearsals each Wednesday night at 6:15 in the Choir Room.  For more information, contact the Music Office at 434.832.2003 or
The Thomas Road Orchestra
The Thomas Road Orchestra assists our worship leaders as they follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance for our services. We believe that life-change comes through an encounter with God and we want to facilitate an environment where people can freely experience the presence of Jesus. While our role may be viewed as “supportive,” our standards for excellence and holiness are no less than any other role played in this ministry. We believe that our responsibility is to equip our worship leaders so they can effectively be obedient to the Holy Spirit. Thus, it is essential that we be flexible and proactive. We are a family. No one understands and identifies with musicians better than musicians. On the day of Pentecost in the New Testament, God’s Spirit could not move freely among the believers until the disciples were unified. Therefore, we try to foster an environment of trust and unity with our entire worship ministry. We look forward each week to what God will do in us and through us, being obedient to his leadership to impact the body of Christ.
How do I get Involved? Advanced musicians should contact the music office to setup an audition at 434.832.2003 or
Thomas Road’s Virginia Christmas Spectacular
Thomas Road has a history of our well-loved Christmas production called The Virginia Christmas Spectacular.  This annual event is a musical and light extravaganza.  The holiday music and production numbers provide opportunity for as many as 500 volunteers who serve in the choir, orchestra, costume and stage crews and more.  Every year, God uses this music celebration to bring peopl3 from all over to hear the story of Jesus and celebrate his birth.
How do I get Involved? Contact the Music Office at 434.832.2003 or

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If you are interested in joining the TRBC choir, please feel free to reach out to us today.

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